A review of books and other tools for those studying Arabic. Those lucky enough to live somewhere with a school that offers a course in Arabic will be told which  book to will use; those  studying on their own must choose their own resources;  sometimes spending  money without really know what they’re getting. Kitab aims to remedy that.

The reviews are grouped under the headings in the menu bar above. Some of these materials have been with me for a long time and some are newer to me.

The ISBN is the International Standard Book Number, a unique number assigned to each book and each variation (edition and format [paperback, hard cover, ebook]).

Prices given are taken from the book itself, whenever possible. There are, of course, many different prices for the same book, depending on where you shop.

A terrific resource is Worldcat.org, a great site where you can enter your location and see what libraries near you may have any book you are looking for. You can search several ways, including by ISBN.

Although many of the cover images link to amazon.com, I do like to shop at my local independent bookstore. In Halifax, Nova Scotia that means Bookmark for new books; John Doull Bookseller is great for when I’m sussing out used books.

Many titles are also available as eBooks.

I am always interested in reading about what books or tools you have found to be particularly helpful in learning Arabic.


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