501 Arabic Verbs

by Raymond P ScheindlinImage
Barron’s, 2007
584 pages, $18.99, paperback
ISBN 978-0764136221
Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

The old version was 201 Arabic Verbs (available for free download online) and then everything got supersized and now there’s 300 more verbs. Conjugated in all tenses and forms and a couple of sample sentences for each verb. The first time you open this book and see all the forms and Jussive and Subjunctive and on and on you think mafish fida what have I done? But very quickly you learn to focus in on whatever it is you’re currently interested in and all the rest falls away for another day’s endeavour.

The widespread grousing around town is about the lack of an English index. I see that point, but if I’m headed to the Barron’s I am looking for a particular Arabic verb and not how-do-you-say-watchamacallit-in-Arabic. I know. If there were an English index I’d use it. I thought someone would have posted one on the ol’ scheindlin_rwww but I can’t find one. Something to do some night when I can’t sleep. Anyway, this is indispensable once you have decided to really give learning Arabic a chance.
There are lists of 1,000 Arabic verbs online plus an iPhone/iPad app with 1,000 verbs and I get a headache just thinking about it.

Raymond P. Scheindlin is professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature at The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.


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