Arabic Grammar: a first workbook

mw96uqgZFXszKuXPiuQwIQgby GM Wickens
Cambridge University Press 1980
171 pages, $54.00, paperback
ISBN 978-0521293013
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭

Few exercises; not for the beginner or faint-of-heart. The professor does present the grammar in his own way, which is useful for a second opinion. I find that often I need to read a second text on any given point of grammar in an effort to understand some point; this book is often what I turn to. Every subject has its own section of one or two dense paragraphs (207 of them). I don’t know why it’s so expensive.

George Michael Wickens was born in London in 1918. He was a professor of Middle East and Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, fluent in Arabic and Persian. He died in 2006.


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