Pocket Arabic Dictionary

compiled by Fethi Mansouri41qxMx9iGcL._SY300_
Periplus Editions 2004
90 pages; $6.95, paperback
ISBN 978-0794601836
Rating: ✭✭✭

Three thousand words, arabic-english and english-arabic. No vowel markings so it would be more useful for looking up words you might want to read or write as opposed to speak, except that by the time you are reading, even very simple things, you need to be looking words up by their roots, which doesn’t happen here.  I do find that when I scan down the pages my brain seems to be filling in the vowels. The Arabic-English section is sorted by the english letter the transliteration starts with—something which would be very handy if your reading level in Arabic is still very new and shaky. Something small (it fits in my back pocket but sticks out a little) I might take on a long bus ride when I wanted something not too taxing to look at.

Fethi Mansouri is an Alfred Deakin Professor at Deakin University in Melbourne. He is also editor of the Journal of Intercultural Studies.


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