Teaching Arabic to the English

by “a group of specialists”ta
No publisher
134 pages, no price, paperback
Rating: ✭ ✭



An odd paperback I got second-hand with anonymous authors and no hint as to the publisher or country of origin. On the cover is a B&W photograph of a couple of rowdy looking characters at leisure on their camels. In the background is some ancient site. Maybe someone can identify it and we’ll have a clue?

Anyway, there is nothing in this book about teaching anybody anything. What there is are lists of words in english with arabic and english transliterations. It seems like a slightly more modern version of my dear old Egyptian-Arabic Manual for Self-Study and so it gets an extra star for that. No vowel markings. some of the sentences include humourous  mispellings on the english side of things which are combined with sentences you may never ever need, such as Now the borometer is rising and I reserved a room by telegraoh. It’s the kind of book I would take into the bathroom with me a spend a bit of time checking out the vocabulary.


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