Islamic Calligraphy

by Sheila Blair51T2fYYkr9L._SY300_
Edinburg University Press, 2008
720 pages, $88.00, hardcover
ISBN 978-0748635405
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ 

Fantastic. Not a how-to book except that many of the colour illustrations inspire one to haul out a pen and start trying to copy. From the work of Ibn al-Bawwab in the year 1063 I have co-opted the style choice of putting the three dots of  ش  (shiin) in a single angled line instead of the traditional triangle, which makes me feel fancy. Plus Ibn Muqla is my new hero; his work and ignominious end both pierce the heart. Impeccable scholarship; despite the amazing illustrations this is not a picture book. It is a solid, detailed, amazing read.

1384282014888 Joint Winner of the 2007 British-Kuwait Friendship Society Prize for Middle Eastern Studies
 Winner of 2008 World Prize for Book of the Year by the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
 Selected as a 2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Sheila Blair was born in 1948 in Montreal. She is a professor of Islamic and Asian Art at Boston College. She has written or co-written seventeen books and more than 200 articles.




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