Mastering Arabic 1 Activity Book

by Jane Wightwick & Mahmoud Gaafarmastering
Hippocrene Books, 2011
96 pages, $18, paperback
ISBN 978-0781812696
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭  

Published as an addition to Mastering Arabic 1 (which is the revised version of Mastering Arabic) but you can use it alone as a review of beginner Arabic. Lots of games and various divertissement; I especially like the crossword puzzles. Also various arabic fonts; all of them readable, which gives practice in recognizing words in different typefaces. Some vowel markings. Answers in the back. Because I was introduced to the work of Jane Wightwick via her audio courses with Michel Thomas (you’ll see I’m a big fan of hers) I know her voice and on some pages here I imagine I can hear her.


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