Read Arabic: an Arabic reader for Arabic students at all levels

41g1DSzydLL._SY300_by Gunna Funder Hansen & Saliha Marie Fettah
University Press of Southern Denmark, 2007
92 pages, $24.50, paperback
ISBN 978-8776741617
Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

I like it. Offers a remedy to one big problem when reading Arabic as a beginner: recognizing words automatically. I am always sounding out words that I know well but cannot identify at a glance. The authors are aware of this problem and offer a series of readings where repeated words gradually become much more familiar. It’s not so much that you understand every word you read, but that you don’t get bogged so far down you grind to a halt. So beginners can use the book and look up words they don’t understand; intermediate students can improve their reading speed. No vowel markings. No English.


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