Arabic-English English-Arabic

by John Wortabet & Harvey Porter+-+816518819_140
Hippocrene 1954, 2nd printing 1996
455 pages, $34.95, Hardcover
ISBN 978-0781803830
Rating: ✭ ✭

Available in other formats from Hippocrene (paperback with a moderne cover). Beware: this dictionary was first published in the 1890s, and therefore is capital O-old capital S-school. Buy it only if you want to research the presentation of certain words in dictionaries through the ages. Of course, if I ran across an ancient copy, I would snap that up like no tomorrow. Vowel marks.

Wortabet’s Arabic-English Dictionary is a different book; the Wortabet there is William Thompson, son of John. It appeared in 1888 (before Père Wortabet’s). It is online.

Reverend John Wortabet (1827-1908) was a medical doctor and professor of anatomy at the Medical College in Beirut. He was a physician in the Hospital of the Knights of St. John, and wrote an Arabic version of Gray’s Anatomy. Harvey Porter taught at the Syrian Protestant College in Beirut.


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