Berlitz Arabic phrase book & dictionary

by Berlitzberlitz-arabic-phrasebook
Berlitz Publishing, 2003
224 pages, $8.95, paperback
ISBN 2831562643
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭  

Use of a modified Modern Standard Arabic makes this a book to take along to any Arabic speaking country. The usual sections (Accommodations, Eating Out, Travel, Sightseeing, Leisure, Making Friends, Stores and Services, and Health). Words and phrases given in English, Arabic and Arabic transliteration. So you can say to someone, Hunaak aHad yatKallam al-injileezeeya? and when they look at you with a what-in-the-world look on their face, point to هناك أحد يتكلم الانجليزية هنا؟ in your book, except they better have good eyesight because the printing is tiny in places.

Small section on the alphabet, pronunciation and vowels: something to read while your waiting for your felucca to arrive. Sidebars with points of grammar throughout, and English index. There is a newer edition out.


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