Arabic for Reading and Speaking

by Abdirashid A Mohamud616CXGLCgVL._SY300_
translated by Kathleen Luft
Barron’s, 2008
224 pages & CD, $24.99, paperback
ISBN 978-0764194276
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭

Set out in blue and black text with a definite retro feel of workbooks from elementary school. Based on MSA. If you’re just getting to know the alphabet and vowel markings there are lots of fill-in-the-blank exercises for you. Some pages of vocabulary which look daunting to memorize. Vowel marks throughout. Interesting divertissement including recipes and puzzles. Some verb conjugations and a small dictionary in the back. This would be OK as a first book (with a bit of a steep learning curve) which might show you how you want to further your study.

On the CD 38 tracks include 20 which are listen and repeat exercises related to material in the book. The rest, also keyed to sections in the book, cover the usual, starting with the alphabet and going on to lessons in Greetings, Introductions, Meeting Someone and the like. I’m not a big fan of the voices, but I don’t totally dislike them either.

Originally published in German as PONS lernen & üben Arabisch in 2006.


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