Instant Arabic

by Fethi Mansouri & Yousef Alreemawi41tA3dyMr+L
Tuttle Publishing, 2007
190 pages, $8.95, paperback
ISBN 978-0804838603
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Based on MSA so as to be useful across the Arabic speaking world. Helpful usual words and phrases. Two forms of transliteration: one where the phrase is spelled out the way it should be sounded; the second based on the IPA. No foolish cartoon drawings. Nice section at the back of additional vocabulary which includes countries, cities plus Islamic expressions.

The blurb on the cover says, “How to express different ideas with just 100 key word and phrases!” but I think there’s more than that here. Pocket sized. Good bang for your buck. If you want to take this (or any phrasebook) on a jaunt to the Middle East, you’ll be far and away ahead of the game if you can find a native speaker to read through the book with you before you go; and really get a gold star if your speaker is from the country you’re going to.


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