Read and Write Arabic Script

by Mourad Diouri51Oo0hTccOL
Hodder Education, 2011
249 pages, $18, paperback
ISBN 9780071774536

Part of the Teach Yourself empire. Each letter group given its due, with some nice details like usage in commercial signs which can use exotic typefaces difficult to read for the beginner. Small explications of dialects, Arabic’s impact on European languages, etc.: enough to what the appetite for further investigation. Tidbits of grammar. I liked the bit of analysis of the Ruq’ah script since I find it more difficult to read than say, Naskh. Information on ligatures, logos, loan words, numbers… Some exercises with answers in the back.

mourad-diouriMourad Diouri is an eLearning lecturer and  developer at the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World at University of Edinbburgh. He has published numerous articles and books.




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