Edited by Bassam Frangieh
Recorded by Hayat Alkhateeb, Evan Haning & Firas Raad
Educational Services, 1994, Revised and expanded edition41BHS5EPQML._SY300_
Booklet & 2CDs
ISBN 978-0910542708
Rating: ✭ ✭ ✭

For the tourist: General Expressions, Numbers, Personal Needs, Communications, Transportation… Somewhat outdated since you will not need Arabic in the airport, etc but we get a number of airport phrases; maybe in 1994 but not now. The booklet lets you follow along with the CDs in Arabic (unvowelled), English, and transliterated Arabic.

On the CDs the voices are pleasant, both Hayat Alkhateeb and Evan Haning being professional broadcasters. Some of the phrases are needlessly long: “Let me introduce Mr Wahid Ash-Shami to you” when maybe “This is Wahid” might be a little less intimidating. I think this is out of print. It doesn’t come up on a search at the MacMillan Education page (parent company of ES) and amazon has only the French/Arabic version on cassettes.

I wouldn’t want this as main tool on a trip, but I don’t mind playing it in the background while I do something else, just in case I soak up something by osmosis.

bfBassam Frangieh  بسام فرنجيه is a scholar of contemporary Arabic literature and culture.  He is department chair of Modern Languages and Literatures at Claremont McKenna College in California.


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